The Clavering house system enables smooth organisation of internal competitions, particularly our nationally-recognised intra-school competitive sport programme. Within the four houses, children from Year 1 to Year 6 are divided into two separate teams (e.g. Lions Yellow and Lions Green). This means that competitions can run with eight teams which is more suitable (the only exception is the unusually small cohort which leaves Clavering in 2021 which competes in their standard four houses).

Sport PAWS points for achievement in intra-school competitions (including the chosen winner for each Clavering Sports Value) are totalled separately to the ongoing house totals. The winning house for intra-school sport wins the Clavering School Games Cup.

After each competition, points are allocated as follows:

  • First: 100 points
  • Second: 80 points       
  • Third: 60 points
  • Fourth: 50 points       
  • Fifth: 40 points
  • Sixth: 30 points
  • Seventh: 20 points
  • Eighth: 10 points

In addition, twenty points are allocated to a child who best demonstrates each Clavering Sports Value:

  • Determination,
  • Honesty,
  • Passion,
  • Respect,
  • Self-Belief and
  • Teamwork.

Positions at the end of HT3A:

1st: Lions (2,000 points)  

2nd: Tigers (1,990 points)   3rd: Pandas (1,630 points)   4th: Bears (1,520 points) 

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Term 1: Year 4 Intra Netball Skills Tournament

Winners: Yellow Lions

Determination: Roxanne D (Yellow Lions)   Honesty: Jack C (Orange Tigers)   Passion: Lilly S (Blue Pandas)  

Respect: Holly M (Blue Pandas)   Self-Belief: Jacob K (Pink Pandas)   Teamwork: Ashton C (Blue Pandas)


Term 1: Year 6 Intra Tag Rugby Tournament

Winners: Orange Tigers

Determination: Jake H (Orange Tigers)   Honesty: Libby H (Black Tigers)   Passion: Riley S (Red Bears)  

Respect: Pennie C (Green Lions)   Self-Belief: Oliver M (Blue Pandas)   Teamwork: Theo W (Orange Tigers)


Term 1: Year 3 Intra Netball Skills Tournament

Winners: Blue Pandas

Determination: Pierce T (Black Tigers)   Honesty: Luke W (Orange Tigers)   Passion: Harry G (Blue Pandas)  

Respect: Harriet W (Red Bears)   Self-Belief: Joseph C (Red Bears)   Teamwork: Jacob W (Purple Bears)


Term 1: Year 5 Intra Tag Rugby Tournament

Winners: Yellow Lions

Determination: Jack L (Black Tigers)   Honesty: Grace W (Orange Tigers)   Passion: Cara Mc (Purple Bears)  

Respect: Ruby C (Red Bears)   Self-Belief: Ben H (Orange Tigers)   Teamwork: Tyler B (Yellow Lions)


Term 1: Year 1 Intra Squirrels Tournament

Winners: Orange Tigers

Determination: Harrison S (Red Bears)   Honesty: Harry W (Pink Pandas)   Passion: Evan W (Black Tigers)  

Respect: Elliott Mac (Black Tigers)   Self-Belief: Heidi T (Purple Bears)   Teamwork: Isabella R (Yellow Lions)


Term 1: Year 2 Intra Kick Rounders Tournament

Winners: Lions

Determination: Christopher H (Lions)   Honesty: Josh W (Pandas)   Passion: Olly M (Bears)  

Respect: Summer-Joy S (Lions)   Self-Belief: Joel R (Pandas)   Teamwork: Harry A (Tigers)


Term 2: Year 5 Intra Basketball Tournament

Winners: Blue Pandas

Determination: Lucy M (Blue Pandas)   Honesty: Dylan R (Blue Pandas)   Passion: Grace B (Pink Pandas)  

Respect: Isobel E (Black Tigers)   Self-Belief: Alfie Mc (Blue Pandas)   Teamwork: Jake D (Black Tigers)


Term 2: Year 6 Intra Basketball Tournament

Winners: Red Bears

Determination: Sam M (Blue Pandas)   Honesty: Ruby S (Green Lions)   Passion: Sam M (Blue Pandas)  

Respect: Callum F (Purple Bears)   Self-Belief: Kobe S (Red Bears)   Teamwork: Tom W (Green Lions)


Term 2: Year 1 Intra Cats and Mice Tournament

Winners: Yellow Lions

Determination: Natasha B (Red Bears)   Honesty: Theo C (Black Tigers)   Passion: Harry W (Pink Pandas)  

Respect: Isabella C (Blue Pandas)   Self-Belief: Lily L (Green Lions)   Teamwork: Freya F (Orange Tigers)


Term 2: Year 2 Skills Races Tournament

Winners: Lions

Determination: Harvey M (Tigers)   Honesty: Olly M (Bears)   Passion: Lucy P (Tigers)  

Respect: Isabella B (Tigers)   Self-Belief: Cleavan T (Tigers)   Teamwork: Martha S (Pandas)


Term 2: Year 4 Intra Tag Rugby Tournament

Winners: Orange Tigers

Determination: Aaron N (Pink Pandas)   Honesty: Daniel H (Black Tigers)   Passion: Oliver D (Yellow Lions)  

Respect: Ariana S (Blue Pandas)   Self-Belief: Emilia G (Yellow Lions)   Teamwork: James A (Yellow Lions)


Term 2: Year 3 Intra Tag Rugby Skills Tournament

Winners: Black Tigers

Determination: Sophie C (Purple Bears)   Honesty: Milly R (Yellow Lions)   Passion: Lily A (Orange Tigers)  

Respect: Alexander S (Green Lions)   Self-Belief: Layton H (Black Tigers)   Teamwork: Luke W (Orange Tigers)


Term 3: Year 1 Intra Dodgeball Skills Tournament

Winners: Orange Tigers

Determination: Stephen D (Blue Pandas)   Honesty: Amritha P (Pink Pandas)   Passion: Noah S (Purple Bears)  

Respect: Niall Mc (Purple Bears)   Self-Belief: Ella M (Purple Bears)   Teamwork: Samuel F (Orange Tigers)


Term 3: Year 2 Intra Football Skills Tournament

Winners: Lions

Determination: Isaac N (Bears)   Honesty: Isabella B (Tigers)   Passion: Jay B (Pandas)  

Respect: Joel R (Pandas)   Self-Belief: Bobby Mc (Lions)   Teamwork: Lucy P (Tigers)

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