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(released 14.07.21)

These procedures have been established, following guidance from the government and consultation with the Local Authority and partner schools.

Start and end of the school day

For Nursery, everything will continue as normal, using the separate Nursery entrance/exit.

For Reception, children will come into school via the south school entrance* at 8:40am and will leave via these doors at 3:15pm.

For Years 1 to 6, doors will open at 8:30am for children to come into their class through their class door* by 8:40am to participate in their daily ‘Get Up, Get Active’ session. Years 1 to 6 will finish at 3:15pm and will leave via their class door.

To begin with, we will be keeping the one-way entrance and exit system for families. We anticipate that guidance in place in September will not require social distancing or face coverings; however, families are obviously welcome to social distance and wear face coverings if they wish to.

Following the success of last year’s video, we will film a video showing where all of the class entrances and exits are and upload this to Class Dojo.

During the day

Class bubbles will no longer exist in September.

Because they have proved to be successful, we are still going to stagger playtimes for pupils in Years 1 to 3 and pupils in Years 4 to 6. Each year group will have an allocated playground and an allocated area of the school field to play on. Children will be delighted to hear that they can now play as a whole year group, rather than just in single classes.

Similarly, each year group will be allocated a set time for eating in the dining hall and playing at lunchtime.

Uniform and PE kit

From Reception to Year 6, pupils will wear their school uniform on three days and their PE kit on two days.

PE lessons for each class are as follows:

RKC: Wednesdays and Fridays

RAO: Tuesdays and Fridays

Year 1: Mondays and Fridays         

Year 2: Mondays and Fridays

Year 3: Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Year 4: Wednesdays and Thursdays

Year 5*: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Year 6: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Reception will not have PE during the first week in September; all other year groups will have PE during the first week (including Year 1 and Year 2 on the first day of the new academic year).

* Year 5 will either have two Clavering-based PE lessons or a swimming lesson (on Tuesdays) and a PE lesson on Thursdays. We will write to the classes about this as soon as our swimming dates have been confirmed.

Personal belongings

Other than water bottles, reading books and reading journals, nothing needs to be coming to and from school.

Children from Reception to Year 6 will move up with their school bag and all school belongings. New starters will be given a bag in September.

We will be able to use our cloakroom pegs from September. This means that coats, gloves, scarves, etc will not need to be kept in classrooms; similarly, lunch boxes will be stored in the normal place for each class.


All of our children have enjoyed a broad and balanced curriculum throughout 2020-2021; however, we expect to be able to offer the full Clavering curriculum in 2021-2022, including educational visits, trips and a wider range of fieldwork opportunities.

Further details about the Clavering curriculum can be found on the ‘Learning’ section of the school website.

After-school clubs

A questionnaire has been posted on Class Dojo to gain a sense of demand for our Breakfast Club and After-School Club next year. 

Once data from the questionnaire has been analysed, we can also begin to make plans for our other after-school clubs, including our PESSPA Clubs that normally take place in the hall. We are hoping to be able to advertise these in September.

Hygiene and ventilation

We will still be paying for a heightened cleaning service throughout the autumn term and, potentially, beyond. Pupils will continue to clean their hands in line with government guidance. This will be timetabled when guidance is released.

We will also be ensuring adequate ventilation in classrooms and other parts of the school, e.g. the hall.

Reporting positive cases

Although it is looking likely that, from September, the government’s test and trace system will be the place to report positive cases, we believe that the safest option for our pupils is that we are also immediately informed. Families can contact the school via phone on 01429 743000 or via Class Dojo (writing to the ‘Clavering Primary School’ account).

Over the summer holidays, please continue to inform us via Class Dojo of any positive cases.

And finally…

After what has been an extraordinary seventeen months for the Clavering family and the world as a whole, we are remaining optimistic that all of our pupils will receive the full Clavering experience in September!

We are incredibly grateful for all of your support and patience during this period and, as we regularly say: the comeback must always be stronger than the setback … and, together, we will make sure that this is the case for the Clavering Family!