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This letter should be read in conjunction with our 'September Return' webpage that was first published in July and has been updated throughout the summer:

Dear parent(s)/carer(s),


I hope that you have all had a restful summer and are keeping safe and well. We are really looking forward to welcoming all of our Year 1 to Year 6 children back to school on Tuesday 1st September for the start of the new academic year; Early Years families received letters in July detailing procedures and start dates for Nursery and Reception children.

We have been working hard to make school a safe, enjoyable environment and have put measures in place to manage the risk of COVID-19, which are detailed in our comprehensive COVID-19 risk assessment, to be published on the school website this week.

Procedures for returning to school have been outlined below; please refer to the ‘September Return’ webpage published at the end of last term, for more detailed information:


Children will be organised in class bubbles and (as far as possible) will not mix with other bubbles. They will be registered and taught in their own classroom, have their lunch in the same classroom and use their designated outdoor area at play-times and lunch-times on a staggered timetable.

Drop-off and collection

The following staggered start and finish times have been timetabled:

  • Morning Nursery: 8:45am – 11:45am;
  • Afternoon Nursery: 12:30pm – 3:30pm;
  • Reception – Year 3: 8:45am – 3:05pm;
  • Year 4 – Year 6: 8:35am – 3:15pm.

Please do NOT arrive on site before your allotted time; we appreciate that families who have children starting and finishing at different times will have to remain on the school playground for longer.

Only ONE accompanying adult should attend the school site with their child(ren); please keep entrances and exits clear at all times.

Please follow the one-way system and signage displayed around the school site.

Year 1 to Year 6 children will not line up on the playground; they will walk straight into their classroom once the teacher has opened the fire exit door (and will be collected from here at home-time). Nursery children will enter and leave school via the Nursery entrance and Reception children will enter and leave via the normal Reception entrance.

A video and photograph was posted on Class Dojo by Mr McAvoy, Jacob and Lewis at the end of term to help children and parents/carers know where their new entrance will be in September.

Parents/carers on site

With the exception of the inner entrance lobby (school office window), parents/carers are NOT allowed in the school building, including before and after school, unless it is for a pre-arranged meeting.

Uniform and PE kits

Children are required to wear their full school uniform; this should include a Clavering jumper or cardigan because (as much as possible) teachers will be keeping windows open to improve ventilation.

Children need to attend school in their outdoor PE kit (white t-shirt, black sweater / black hooded top, black tracksuit / jogging bottoms and trainers) on their PE days. Children also need to wear a black pair of shorts underneath their tracksuit / jogging bottoms.

PE days

  • Reception: RKC and RAO: Tuesday and Thursday;
  • Year 1: 1EIAR and 1KS: Monday and Tuesday;
  • Year 2: 2JT and 2SW: Tuesday and Thursday;
  • Year 3: 3NLFC and 3JR: Wednesday and Friday;
  • Year 4: 4LH and 4TW: Monday and Thursday;
  • Year 5: 5JB and 5RT: Wednesday and Friday;
  • Year 6: 6CP: Wednesday and Friday.

Please note that PE lessons will resume on the week beginning Monday 7th September (Years 1 to 6) and on the week beginning Monday 14th September for Reception pupils.


Children are NOT permitted to bring personal items (including birthday/celebration cakes/treats and gifts) to school. They will need to bring a coat, school bag, (clearly labelled) water bottle and, if preferred, their own packed lunch box/bag, which will remain with them in their classroom.

Pupils must NOT bring their own soap or hand sanitiser unless this has been arranged with school. If your child requires their own for medical reasons, this must be communicated in writing to school.


Attendance will be mandatory in September, as the government expects all pupils to attend school. The usual rules will apply, meaning we will be recording attendance and following up on any absences. Families of children who have been shielding have been contacted about returning to school.

Crossing patrol

Hartlepool Borough Council has informed school that there will be NO crossing patrol on duty until the week beginning 7th September; they are trialling new arrangements at ten primary schools this week before all school sites operating crossing patrols next week.

We are extremely grateful for all the support we have received from the school community. We will continue to keep you informed of any updates to our plans or if we need to make changes due to new or updated government advice.

Warm regards,

H. J. O’Brien

Miss H, J. O’Brien