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YEAR 6 2019-2020

Dear Class of 2019-2020 and families,

We are relieved to be able to finally share with you our Year 6 leavers' videos from last summer.

As you will be aware, Mr Patterson and Mrs Bellamy were putting together our leavers' videos in the summer term to be shared with you all; unfortunately, releasing the videos was delayed because aspects were missing from certain families who chose not to participate.

Thank you for your patience and your continued support; you will all always be part of the Clavering Family.

Best wishes,

Miss O'Brien & Mr McAvoy

Y6 2020 Leavers - Poem - We weren't supposed to leave this way

Y6 2020 Leavers - Goodbye from staff

Y6 2020 Leavers - Leavers' Production

Y6 2020 Leavers - When I Group Up Photo Slideshow

Note: This video is best viewed with music over the top; however, because of copyright reasons, we can't include non-royalty-free music on our website. That doesn't stop you playing your own music though!