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We have a range of progressive reading schemes, which are tailored to develop children’s skills as they become more fluent readers. Initially, children read phonics-based texts until they are confident to decode unfamiliar words. A comprehensive list of our progressive schemes, to be followed in the order set, is outlined below:

Songbirds (phonics based) and Floppy’s Phonics (phonics based)

All Aboard and Oxford Reading Tree

Both our phonics and non-phonics based texts are used simultaneously in order to meet pupils’ needs. For example, a pupil who is reading at a stage 4 level will access both our Songbirds scheme as well as our Floppy’s Phonics scheme, before their class teacher decides they are ready for the next stage.

When children are ready, Early Years Foundation Stage pupils begin schemes at Stage 1 and continue to follow these into Key Stage One. Once children are secure in Phase 6 of our ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme, they may then progress from our phonics-based schemes into All Aboard and Oxford Reading Tree stages 5 and up. These texts offer progression from phonics focused grapheme-phoneme correspondence into general reading.

Phase 3: Songbirds Stage 1 and Floppy's Phonics Stage 1, Songbirds Stage 2 and Floppy's Phonics Stage 2, and Songbirds Stage 3 and Floppy's Phonics Stage 3.

Phases 4-5: Songbirds Stage 4 and Floppy's Phonics Stage 4

Phase 5: Songbirds Stage 5 and Floppy's Phonics Stage 5. For additional challenge (including non-fiction texts), children can also access these non-phonics based texts: All Aboard Stage 5 and Oxford Reading Tree Stage 5, followed by All Aboard Stage 6 and Oxford Reading Tree Stage 6.

Phase 6: Songbirds Stage 6 and Floppy's Phonics Stage 6, then  All Aboard Stage 7 and Oxford Reading Tree Stage 7, All Aboard Stage 8 and Oxford Reading Tree Stage 8, and All Aboard Stage 9 and Oxford Reading Tree Stage 9.

Phase 6: All Aboard Stage 8 and Oxford Reading Tree Stage 8

Once children have completed Stage 9, they can access Key Stage 2 library books. 



In Key Stage Two, Clavering Primary School follows the online Accelerated Reader program. Within the first two weeks of the autumn term, all Key Stage 2 children will take a Star Reader test online. This informs teachers of a child’s current reading age, as well as indicating how they are performing against other children of the same chronological age. The test also gives every child a ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development), which states at what level a child should be reading, e.g. from 3.4 – 4.6. It is recommended that a child begins to read at the lowest point of their ZPD in order to accelerate progress and build confidence quickly.

Books in the Key Stage Two library have been labelled and organised clearly so that pupils know where to access the correct level. This also promotes independence in their learning.

When a child has read a book at the correct level, they will then take an online comprehension quiz (within 24 hours of completing the book) to assess how well they have read and understood the book. When this is complete, they can show their teacher or teaching assistant their score, discuss their progress and decide which book to read next.

Once children have completed their book and taken their quiz, they then need to change their book independently.


As part of our aim to get every child to read every day, every Key Stage 2 pupil needs to have their book in school every day and they also need to take it home every day. The book should be taken to and from school in the child’s school folder.