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We have a range of progressive reading schemes, which are tailored to develop children’s skills as they become more fluent readers. Initially, children read phonics-based texts until they are confident to decode unfamiliar words. A comprehensive list of our progressive schemes, to be followed in the order set, is outlined below:

Songbirds (phonics based)

Floppy’s Phonics (phonics based)

All Aboard

Oxford Reading Tree

Both our phonics and non-phonics based texts can be used simultaneously in order to meet pupils’ needs. For example, a pupil who has read all stage 4 texts in our Songbirds scheme, but is not yet ready to progress to stage 5, may read other stage 4 texts from our Floppy’s Phonics scheme as a linear progression.

Early Years Foundation Stage pupils begin schemes at stage 1 and continue to follow these into Key Stage One. Once children are secure in Phase 6 of our ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme, they may then progress from our phonics-based schemes into All Aboard and Oxford Reading Tree stages 5 and up. These texts offer progression from phonics focused grapheme-phoneme correspondence into general reading.

Phase 3: Songbirds Stage 1, Songbirds Stages 2-3 and Floppy's Phonics Stages 2-3

Phases 4-5: Songbirds Stage 4 and Floppy's Phonics Stage 4

Phase 5: Songbirds Stage 5, Floppy's Phonics Stage 5, All Aboard Stages 5-6 and Oxford Reading Tree Stages 5-6

Phase 6: Songbirds Stage 6, Floppy's Phonics Stage 6, All Aboard Stage 7 and Oxford Reading Tree Stage 7

Phase 6: All Aboard Stage 8 and Oxford Reading Tree Stage 8


Once the children have finished the above scheme books, they will then continue through the Oxford Reading Tree: Tree Tops books which continue up to stage 16 (see ‘Reading Schemes: Key Stage Two’ below).



In Key Stage Two, we are careful to ensure that our reading schemes follow on directly from Key Stage One to ensure that progression continues. These schemes are as follows:

Oxford Reading Tree: Tree Tops (stages 9-16). These books follow directly on from Key Stage One reading schemes.

Library books (free choice reading for fluent readers).



Free choice books are also sent home with children to accompany children’s current reading scheme book. Each class has a selection of fiction and non-fiction reading books for children to choose from, which are age and level appropriate, plus books are available in the Key Stage One and Key Stage Two libraries.