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Like most schools, we have a full range of policies about different aspects of school life, ranging almost from A-Z: our Arts Policy (A) to our Whistleblowing Policy (W) - which, incidentally, is about exposing wrong doing and not about how to blow a whiste when on playground duty! Below are some of our policies which we feel will be of most interest to our children's parents and carers: 

Attendance Policy

Behaviour & Bullying Policy

Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities Policy

Child Protection Policy and Safeguarding Policy 

Charging & Remissions Policy

Complaints Policy 

Fairtrade Policy

Food Policy and Healthy Packed Lunch Policy

Handwriting Policy

Homework Policy

Nursery Admissions Policy

Reading Schemes Policy

Sex & Relationships Policy

Asthma Policy

School Asthma Card

E-Safety Policy

Acceptable Use Policy Agreement for Clavering staff and other adults

Acceptable Use Policy for parents and carers of EYFS and Key Stage 1 children

Acceptable Use Policy Agreement for Key Stage 2 children

Acceptable Use Policy for parents and carers of Key Stage 2 children 

Paper copies can also be requested from the school office.