Clavering Primary School

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Clavering Primary School is blessed with quality teachers across the school! 

Year 6: Mr Patterson

Upper School: Mr McAvoy

Year 5: Mrs Bellamy

Year 5: Mrs Thèbé

Year 4: Miss Williamson

Year 4: Miss Sunley

Year 3: Miss Rowntree

Year 3: Miss Leighton

Year 3: Mrs Carter

Year 2: Miss Taylor

Year 2: Mrs Weightman

Year 1: Miss Sutheran

Year 1: Mrs Iverson

Year 1: Miss Richardson

Reception: Mrs Corr

Reception: Miss Ord

Nursery: Mr Savage

Maternity: Mrs Dinsdale

Maternity: Miss Dent

Maternity: Mrs Jorgenson

Currently off: Mrs Hilton