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We were very excited to win a national competition linked to our commitment to promoting girls’ participation in PE and sport, particularly girls' football, through the #WeCanPlay initiative. The main prize for winning the competition was a visit from Manchester City WFC player and England international Lucy Bronze. 

It was such an amazing day!

'I had a great day in Hartlepool; so many girls excited to be out playing football. It was something that I didn't have growing up, but it's so good to be able to go to these schools with so many girls playing and see for myself how much girls' football is growing' (Lucy Bronze, MCWFC and England)

During Lucy's visit, eighty KS2 girls travelled to 'The Sports Domes' in Seaton to participate in a special Clavering Intra Middle School #WeCanPlay Competition and Clavering Intra Upper School #WeCanPlay Competition.

Clavering Intra Middle School #WeCanPlay Competition

Tigers 3 (Amy 3) v Lions 0

Scorpions 0 v Tigers 7 (Amy 7)

Dragons 5 (Grace 5) v Bears 0

Tigers 4 (Amy 4, OG) v Dragons 2 (Grace 2)

Bears 0 v Tigers 5 (Amy 4, Nicole)

Scorpions 0 v Dragons 1 (Grace)

Lions 0 v Bears 0

Lions 1 (Lydia) v Scorpions

Bears 5 (Cara 4, Macie) v Scorpions 0

Dragons 4 (Grace 3, Lucy) v Lions 0

Congratulations to the Clavering Tigers who finished as the Middle School Champions!

Clavering Intra Upper School #WeCanPlay Competition

Panthers 2 (Macy 2) v Jaguars 1 (OG)

Dolphins 1 (Jessie) v Panthers 4 (Macy 4)

Eagles 0 v Falcons 1 (Millie)

Panthers 0 v Eagles 0

Falcons 1 (Olivia) v Panthers 1 (Macy)

Dolphins 0 v Eagles 1 (Phoebe)

Jaguars 1 (Laney) v Falcons 1 (Olivia)

Jaguars 3 (Laney 2, Neve) v Dolphins 0

Falcons 1 (Olivia) v Dolphins 0

Eagles 0 v Jaguars 0

Congratulations to the Clavering Panthers who finished as the Upper School Champions!

Well done to all of the girls involved!

HUGE THANKS to Lucy Bronze for making it such a special event; plus many thanks to The FA, Manchester City WFC, Polly Fildes (Women's Football National Project Officer, The FA), Alysha Cook and Tina Reed (Football Development Officers, Durham FA), staff at The Sports Domes and all of our special guest referees: Andy Cook (FA Skills Coach), Paul and Aimee Sabler (Hartlepool Pools Youth FC), Hannah Gillies and Niamh Mulvihill (ex Clavering superstars).

What an amazing day!