‘The physical education (PE), school sport and physical activity programme director ensures that the additional sport funding is extremely well used. There is a strong programme of competition, residential activities, and after-school clubs available to pupils. Curriculum plans are well thought through to ensure that pupils acquire the knowledge and skills required to make excellent progress.’ (Ofsted)

‘In PE, study progression documents are extremely detailed. They identify precisely how activities will build upon those previously taught to enable pupils to make excellent progress.’ (Ofsted) 

‘The highly effective PE curriculum provides an important contribution to pupils’ mental and physical well-being. It instils in pupils the importance of staying fit and healthy and the benefits of being active. This is evidenced by the wide range of after-school clubs accessed by pupils.’ (Ofsted) 

‘Playtimes are full of fun. There are lots of activities for pupils to participate in, should they wish to. Older pupils support younger pupils in their play by organising games.’ (Ofsted)

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