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  2. NSSW 2020


Whilst enduring this period of school closure, we are painfully aware of the hundreds of get up, get active sessions; active breaks, active playtimes and active lunchtimes; PE lessons; residentials and outdoor, adventurous activities; sports competitions and festivals; playtime clubs, lunchtime clubs and after-school clubs; and live sport trips that we have had to cancel from our action-packed Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity (PESSPA) Programme.

However, there is one event that wasn’t in our original calendar for 2020 that we are hoping every Clavering family (from Nursery up to Year 6) will sign-up for: the Youth Sport Trust’s National School Sport Week at Home.

Here is your invitation from our partners at the Youth Sport Trust:

Dear Parent/Carer,

How do you fancy challenging friends, family or neighbours to some fun, virtual sporting activities this summer?

At national children’s charity, the Youth Sport Trust, we are determined to ensure that young people stay active and connected through this difficult time. We’ve been helping families do this with our daily #StayHomeStayActive activities since March and now we’re challenging the public to go one step further by joining us in our first ever National School Sport Week at Home, supercharged by Sky Sports.

Taking place from 20th-26th June, the week will give families, communities, schools and sports clubs the opportunity to take part in a series of virtual sporting challenges which help young people capture the enjoyment, competition and camaraderie they may be missing out on and the Youth Sport Trust is delighted that Sky Sports will be helping to supercharge the campaign.

How do I find out more?

Registering couldn’t be simpler. Just go to our website and click on the link for parents. You will be asked a couple of questions as you register about who you might challenge and how many people you would like to get involved. After signing up we will provide you with free and easy-to-use resources to help plan your week of National School Sport Week at Home Activity, set challenges for your families, friends and neighbours, and shout about it online.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the growing number of people who will be running, jumping and throwing their way to glory from 20-26 June.

We have already registered as a school and we would like as many Clavering families to individually register! If you do sign up and you use Twitter, please tweet a message (ideally, with a family photograph) similar to this: We have just signed up for 'National School Sport Week at Home' with @ClaveringPESSPA, @YouthSportTrust and @SkySports because PESSPA has the power to bring us together, even when we are apart.

During National School Sport Week, it would be fantastic if you could share your activities with us! If you are part of our new online community through Class Dojo, you will see that there is a 'Clavering PESSPA Programme' account in every class. Please send any photos (or even videos) from your activities during National School Sport Week to this account (as well as to your class teacher(s) if you would like to). Also, if you use Twitter, you can also tweet your activities and tag us in by including @ClaveringPESSPA in your tweet (plus, ideally, also tag in @YouthSportTrust, @SkySports and #NSSWtogether).

We will share your involvement via our @ClaveringPESSPA Twitter account* and we are also hoping to put together a display in school for when all of the children eventually return.

Thank you for your continued support. Please continue to stay active, stay healthy and stay happy.

Best wishes,

Mr N. McAvoy

Deputy Headteacher and PESSPA Programme Director

Mr L. Savage

PE, PSHEE and The Arts Subjects Leader

Mrs J. Bellamy 

PE Coordinator

Mr M. Stoddart


Miss Y. Burnham

PESSPA Apprentice

* If you send any media on Class Dojo that you wouldn't like sharing on our school Twitter accounts or display in school, please let us know.