Although it is impossible to cover everything that our sport superstars get up to at Clavering, the Hartlepool Mail love to feature some of our triumphs, the national awards that we have received, and the work that we are doing with the government and the Youth Sport Trust to help improve PE and school sport nationally. Over the last few years, over fifty articles about the success of the 'Clavering Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity (PESSPA) Programme' have been published in the Hartlepool Mail!

As recommended by both the government and Ofsted, at Clavering Primary School success in PE and school sport is aspired to and celebrated.

Reporting on and celebrating physical performance is regular and high profile. This happens in many ways: PE, residentials and sports achievements featured prominently in assemblies; PE, residentials and sports awards in the annual 'Year 6 Leavers’ Assembly'; an extensive 'School Games' display area and four displays linked to our Key Stage 2 residentials; trophies displayed in the school’s main entrance; the 'School Games' section in the school’s half-termly newsletter and updates about our Key Stage 2 residentials; the detailed, comprehensive and very popular 'PESSPA' section on the school website and the dedicated webpages to every school residential; our 'Clavering PESSPA Programme' Twitter account (@ClaveringBolt); and articles and features in the Hartlepool Mail and other publications and websites (as appropriate).

Successful Clavering teams and individual Clavering sport superstars are held in high esteem by younger pupils. All pupils know of the reputations of Clavering pupils who do well in PE and sport and are encouraged to emulate their achievements; likewise, younger children are excited to participate in Clavering residentials, having seen the success of children who have participated in our progressively challenging residential programme.

Celebrating and rewarding sporting achievement in this way makes it fashionable to achieve. It gives our pupils the self-belief that they can aim high, improve further and enjoy equal success in their academic studies.

All this has a central role in building the culture of the school with these celebrations giving PE, sport and physical activity a high profile within school and helping to maintain our winning tradition whilst hopefully developing well-rounded individuals who enjoy healthy, physically active lifestyles.