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Ofsted 2014:

'Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is a strength of the school and is promoted very well through an impressive range of activities.'

'Pupils really enjoy the very wide range of activities and clubs available to them, especially the different sports activities and are rightly proud of their sporting successes. When asked what they would like to change, most found it difficult to think of any significant improvements.'

'There are excellent opportunities for pupils to engage in a range of additional activities and clubs and pupils appreciate the opportunities to go on school visits and the residential visits.'

Clavering Child-Led Committees

As part of our commitment to involving children in their own learning and enabling them to take a lead in school initiatives, we have a number of successful committees. Congratulations to all of our children who have been elected onto the following committees and groups:

  • School Council (see Mrs Corr for more information);

  • Eco Schools Group (see Mrs Weightman for more information);

  • Fairtrade Steering Group (see Mr McAvoy or Miss Dent for more information);

  • School Sport Organising Crew (see Mr McAvoy for more information);

  • Arts and Cultural Committee (see Mrs Jorgenson for more information). 

Clavering Sports Clubs

During the course of the year, we offer a variety of after-school sports clubs to our children. This half-term, we are running the following after-school clubs:

  • Upper School Multi-Sports Club;
  • Middle School Multi-Sports Club;
  • Lower School Multi-Skills Club; 
  • Key Stage 2 girls-only Multi-Skills Club;
  • Key Stage 2 Gymnastics Club;
  • Key Stage 1 Gymnastics Club.

In addition, we run a variety of different clubs during lunchtimes and breaktimes.

Please speak to Mr McAvoy or Mr Stoddart for more information.

Clavering Sports Training

In preparation for the many inter-school competitions that we are involved in, we organise additional training for targeted teams. During the course of the year, we offer training in at least eleven sports formats:

  • Football training: Under 11 A Team, Under 11 B Team, Under 10 A Team, Under 10 B Team, Year 4 Team, KS2 Girls' Team; 
  • Rugby: Upper School A Team, Upper School B Team, Upper School C Team, Upper School D Team, Upper School Girls' Team;
  • Basketball: Upper School Team; 
  • Netball: Upper School A Team, Upper School B Team, Upper School C Team, Upper School D Team;
  • Tri Golf: Upper School Team; 
  • Multi-Skills: Year 2 Team; 
  • Tennis: Year 3 Team; 
  • Skipping: Year 2 Team, Year 4 Team; 
  • Sportshall Athletics: Upper School Team, Middle School Team;
  • Track and Field Athletics: Year 6 Team, Year 5 Team, Middle School Team, Reception-Year 6 NHFoS' Team;
  • Cricket: Year 6 Team, Year 5 Team, Upper School Girls' Team.

Please speak to Mr McAvoy, Mr Stoddart or Mrs Robson for more information.

Clavering Intra-School Football Competitions

During certain playtimes over the course of the year, we run our ever-popular intra-school football competitions: our 'Clavering European Football Championships' for children in our Middle School (Years 3-4) and our 'Clavering African Cup of Nations' for children in our Upper School (Years 5-6).

Open to all interested children, we are delighted that at least 70% of pupils in Key Stage 2 choose to participate in these additional extra-curricular football opportunities.

Please speak to Mr McAvoy or Mr Stoddart for more information.

Clavering Residentials Programme

We are extremely proud of our Clavering Residentials Programme which runs throughout Key Stage 2. Well over one hundred pupils participate in our Clavering residentials every year!

Please speak to Mr McAvoy and/or visit the residentials sections of our school website for further information.

Clavering John Muir Award Programme

We have received 'John Muir Award Provider Status' from the John Muir Trust for our outstanding John Muir Award Programme which is offered to children in Year 6. Nearly three hundred pupils have now received this prestigious environmental award!

Please speak to Mr McAvoy and/or visit the John Muir Award sections of our school website for further information.

Clavering Gardening Club

Members of our Gardening Club play a huge part in maintaining our extensive Outdoor Learning Zone (OLZ), wild areas, flower patches, school pond and school allotment. The children also make a significant contribution to our 'Eco Schools' work.

Please speak to Mrs Weightman or Miss Taylor for more information.

Clavering Arts Clubs

As part of our commitment to 'The Arts', we offer a number of arts clubs. Last year, for example, we offered our widest range of Arts Clubs:

  • Upper School Choir;
  • Years 1-2 Singing Club; 
  • Lower School Arts and Crafts Club;
  • Middle School Arts and Crafts Club;
  • Middle School Drama Club.

Please speak to Mr McAvoy for more information.


We are delighted to host a local Brownies Pack on Mondays from 6:00pm to 7:30pm.

Please speak to Miss O'Brien or 'Brown Owl' (Mrs Shears) for more information.