Did you know that Clavering holds the Full International School Award?


Whilst being proud to be a school in Hartlepool, we are equally passionate about preparing our children for life in a global society and work in a global economy. This is demonstrated through our high expectations in all lessons as well as the global dimension that is evident in our curriculum documents and in the fact that we hold the Full International School Award.

At Clavering, we are aware of the increasing need for children to develop an international awareness and take their place as positive, productive citizens in our world community - in other words, to become global citizens. We aim to instil in our children a respect and empathy for other cultures and countries; plus, through our curriculum, assemblies and wider opportunities (including collaborative projects with international partner schools), we endeavour to inspire all of our children to develop a lifelong curiosity about the world and the people within it. 


Teachers in all phases in our school embrace the opportunity to develop the global dimension and international ethos at Clavering, viewing the school’s global dimension as an opportunity to extend our children's views of the world and help them to explore their perceptions. Teachers also appreciate that our global dimension helps our children to recognise connections and interdependencies and to think critically about different cultural, economic and political perspectives.

A number of units in different subjects across the school promote international learning, ensuring that our children explore different countries and cultures. This is enhanced by the current affairs issues that are explored in our assemblies.

In addition, we work with the British Council to deliver collaborative curriculum projects with different countries around the world, bringing the world into our Clavering classrooms through creating relationships with children who live and study overseas. This is always a very exciting opportunity for Clavering children, which they relish being a part of!


By the end of Year 6, Clavering children have developed into global citizens with an understanding of their place within the wider world. They are able to demonstrate a good knowledge and understanding of other cultures and countries, as well as a curiosity to learn and discover more. They show respect for other cultures and beliefs, and empathy for those who struggle because of different global issues (e.g. famine or war). In addition, they have further developed our Clavering Family Values of citizenship and collaboration (particularly, through our international projects).

The British Council has praised Clavering for the ‘vast range of opportunities for each child to develop a deep understanding of other cultures, languages and opportunities.’ 

The impact of international learning activities at Clavering on children's learning, leading them to become global citizens, is perhaps best summed up by one of our former pupils (who worked with children in Kenya and South Africa during her time at Clavering) who commented: ‘The more I am aware of other people's cultures (whether they live in this country or abroad), the more I am likely to respect, empathise with and care for them, and the better I am likely to collaboratively work with them.’


Did you know that, as part of our international learning, we have had and continue to have links with a number of international schools?

Current links include:

  • Wilsco Montessori Academy – Nigeria
  • Rampur Government Primary School – Bangladesh
  • Snowdrops Academy of English – Sri Lanka
  • Descubrir Primary School – Argentina

If you are a member of staff in an international school and you are interested in setting up a collaborative curriculum link with Clavering, we would love to hear from you!

Please e-mail...

our Internationalism Leader, Miss Sunley:

our Deputy Headteacher, Mr McAvoy:

In addition, Miss Sunley currently leads the Hartlepool International Schools Network for maintained schools. If you are interested in joining this group, please email Miss Sunley directly.


We are very proud that we have been awarded the International School Award by the British Council for our outstanding achievements in developing and embedding the global dimension within the Clavering curriculum. 

The British Council praised Clavering for our 'creative and very imaginative international activities' and how our 'international collaborative projects were clearly defined in terms of aims and achieving outstanding outcomes.'

The aim of our international learning activities at Clavering Primary School is in line with our intent of equipping our children for life in a global society and work in a global economy.