'Governors are skilled professionals, who are ambitious for the school’s future. They use their expertise to support and challenge leaders.' (Ofsted, 2019).

The contents of this part of our website fulfil our statutory duties regarding the information that must be published on a school's website about the school's governing body as well as providing additional information about the Clavering Governing Body.

This section is split into three pages:

Governance - Introduction: including the purpose and strategic functions of a governing body, membership list and instrument of governance;

Governance - Biographies: including information about each of our non-staff governors;

Governance - Committees: including the purpose of each committee, the membership of each committee and recent attendance information. 

There is also a separate private Governors' Portal that is a password-protected area for the Governing Body and Senior Leadership Team.

Ofsted 2019:

  • Governors are determined and skilled professionals, who are ambitious for the future of the school. They review their effectiveness regularly against nationally endorsed frameworks to ensure that they use their collective skills to provide objective challenge and support to leaders. This is reflected in governing body minutes.
  • Governors undertake their financial responsibilities diligently. They ensure that additional funding is targeted to those pupils it is designed to support.
  • Governors undertake their role in monitoring regularly and, for the most part, feedback their findings to the wider governing body. For example, the designated governor for health and safety produces a highly detailed report, which makes recommendations for improvement that are diligently followed up. This is not commonplace.