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'Governors are skilled professionals, who are ambitious for the school’s future. They use their expertise to support and challenge leaders.' (Ofsted, 2019).

The contents of this webpage fulfil our statutory duties regarding the information that must be published on a school's website about the school's governing body.


The governing body has one key purpose: to conduct the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement.

The governing body has three core strategic functions:

  • ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff;
  • overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

Ofsted 2019:

  • Governors are determined and skilled professionals, who are ambitious for the future of the school. They review their effectiveness regularly against nationally endorsed frameworks to ensure that they use their collective skills to provide objective challenge and support to leaders. This is reflected in governing body minutes.
  • Governors undertake their financial responsibilities diligently. They ensure that additional funding is targeted to those pupils it is designed to support.
  • Governors undertake their role in monitoring regularly and, for the most part, feedback their findings to the wider governing body. For example, the designated governor for health and safety produces a highly detailed report, which makes recommendations for improvement that are diligently followed up. This is not commonplace.


The current chairperson of the Clavering Governing Body is Mr Mark Rycraft. 

Current Clavering governors:

Miss Helen O'Brien - Headteacher - Term of office: 23.06.15 - 22.06.35 - Appointing body: Ex officio

Mr Jon Hall - Co-opted Governor - Term of office 20.08.19-19.08.23 - Appointing body: Governing body

Mrs Lisa Hall - Co-opted Governor - Term of office: 17.05.18-16.05.22 - Appointing body: Governing body

Mr Neil Lamb - Co-opted Governor - Term of office: 20.08.19-19.08.23 - Appointing body: Governing body

Mr Steven Liddell - Co-opted Governor - Term of office: 09.04.19-08.04.23 - Appointing body: Governing body

Mrs Rachel Raine - Co-opted Governor - Term of office: 20.08.19-19.08.23 - Appointing body: Governing body

Vacancy - Co-opted Governor 

Mr Mark Rycraft - Local Authority Governor - Term of office 03.12.19-02.12.23 - Appointing body: Local Authority

Mrs Emma Lester - Parent Governor - Term of office 14.01.20-13.01.24 - Appointing body: Parental elections

Miss Melissa Lancaster - Parent Governor - Term of office 14.01.20-13.01.24 - Appointing body: Parental elections

Mrs Amy Wynne - Parent Governor - Term of office 14.01.20-13.01.24 - Appointing body: Parental elections

Mr Neil C. McAvoy - Staff Governor - Term of office: 12.09.17-11.09.21 - Appointing body: Staff elections


Governors who have stepped down in the last twelve months:

Mrs Lesley McDowell - Co-opted Governor (end of term) 


The Clavering Instrument of Government is the document that sets out the constitution of the governing body. The contents are as follows:

  1. The name of the school is: “Clavering Primary School”
  2. The school is a community school
  3. The name of the governing body is: “The governing body of Clavering Primary School”
  4. The governing body shall consist of: 3 parent governors, 1 LA governor, 1 staff governor, 1 headteacher and 6 co-opted governors
  5. Total number of governors: 12
  6. This instrument of government comes into effect on 1st September 2019
  7. This instrument was made by order of Hartlepool Local Authority on 5th March 2019
  8. A copy of the instrument must be supplied to every member of the governing body (and the headteacher if not a governor).


Safeguarding, Standards (including Pupil Premium Link Governor) and Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND):

Leader: Miss O’Brien (Standards) and Miss Leighton (SEND and Safeguarding);

Link Governors: Mr Lamb (Standards and Safeguarding); Mrs Lester (SEND)

Early Years Foundation Stage:

Leader: Mrs Corr;

Link Governor: Mrs Raine 

English and Languages:

Leader: Mrs Thèbé;

Link Governor: Mr Hall


Leader: Mr Patterson;

Link Governor: Mrs Wynne

Science and Technology (including E-Safety Link Governor):

Leader: Miss Leighton;

Link Governor: Mrs Hall


Leader: Mrs Corr;

Link Governor: Miss Lancaster 

PSHEE and The Arts

Leader: Mr Savage;

Link Governor: Mr Rycraft 

Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity (including PE and Sport Premium Link Governor):

Leader: Mr McAvoy;

Link Governor: Mr Liddell


Full Governing Body meetings:

Attendance information for 2020-2021

Attendance information for 2019-2020

Committee meetings:

Attendance information for 2020-2021

Attendance information for 2019-2020


Membership: all governors


  • To liaise with the Headteacher over the preparation of the School Development Plan and monitor its implementation.
  • To review and monitor the ethos and school mission statement and make recommendations to the Governing Body.
  • To advise the Governing Body in establishing policy statements for sex and relationships education, religious education and collective worship.
  • To monitor and review the curriculum provision in school.
  • To consider and monitor the impact of staff policies/decisions on the curriculum.
  • To advise the Finance and General Purposes and Pupil and Personnel Committee of resources in the various curriculum areas.
  • To review and approve curriculum policies on behalf of the Governing Body on a rolling programme.
  • To receive internal and external monitoring reports on curricular areas.
  • To review the School Self Evaluation Form (SEF) as it relates to the committee.
  • To monitor the impact of the pupil premium on pupils' learning and attainment, including its use in supporting more able groups from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • To monitor the use of sport funding, including impact on raisings pupils’ achievement and physical wellbeing.
  • To consider the RAISEonline report.
  • To commission and receive reports from the school concerning curriculum in response to national, local and school needs.
  • To consider school self evaluation reports.
  • To review and recommend the Home School Agreement and ensure that appropriate consultation is carried out with parents.
  • To review the school prospectus and ensure that statutory information is included on the school website.
  • To receive reports on communication with parents including consideration of any analysis of questionnaires to parents and parental engagements and community links.
  • To monitor the development of Extended Schools.


Membership: all governors


  • Day to day management of the budget to be delegated to the Headteacher.
  • To consider and monitor the school improvement plan and ensure that priorities are reflected in the annual budget.
  • To consider the budget allocation from the LA and to approve the annual budget.
  • To monitor spending against the agreed budget by examining financial statements during the year.
  • To monitor the allocation and spending of the Pupil Premium in supporting all pupils who are subject to family poverty.
  • To consider the outturn position for the school.
  • To consider medium term forward planning.
  • To vire between budget headings during the course of the year. If necessary, the Headteacher will be authorised to spend from the budget £3,000 per single item without reference to the Governing Body.
  • To receive benchmarking data on expenditure on an annual basis.
  • To ensure/review best value questionnaire.
  • To review the LA scheme for financing the school every two years.
  • To advise the governing body on the school’s Charging and Remissions Policy.
  • To consider school visit requests and to agree annual costs for residential and school visits.
  • To determine the charges for lettings (annually).
  • To review the audited accounts of any private school funds (annually).
  • To manage and enter into on behalf of the governing body and any contracts for work in line with the Local Authority’s related standing orders.
  • To liaise with the LA and Diocese in order to maintain/improve the building with the budget set by the governing body.
  • To liaise with the site supervisor in order to maintain/improve the standard of hygiene and cleanliness within the budget allocation.
  • To liaise with the grounds maintenance contractor in order to maintain/improve the grounds within the budget allocation.
  • To consider cost, prioritise and make recommendations on the long-term care and improvement of the buildings, grounds, furniture and fittings.
  • To consider and report to the Governing Body regarding health and safety matters.
  • To ensure implementation of the Health and Safety Policy Statement and review on an annual basis.
  • To ensure implementation and consider risk assessments in school.
  • To determine a Financial Procedures Policy and to monitor its implementation.
  • To review the Statement of Internal Control to reflect guidance issued by the DfE.
  • To ensure that a Financial Management Competencies Matrix for Governors is completed annually.
  • To determine the staffing levels and annual teaching staff establishment.
  • To determine a staffing structure that will identify the number and deployment of posts.
  • To be responsible for considering, amending and adopting policies and procedures to comply with the new employment legislation. To ensure that they fit into the overall school improvement plan and whole school Pay Policy.
  • To ensure that proper recognition of equal opportunities policies are maintained, thus preventing discrimination.
  • To receive reports in respect of workforce remodelling.
  • To receive reports on roles and responsibilities of staff.
  • To review the Whistle Blowing Policy on a three-year cycle.
  • To review and consult accordingly on the annual written statement of general principles of pupil discipline and report their recommendations to the full Governing Body.
  • To receive reports on attendance.
  • To ensure that the Self Review Audit Report for Safeguarding and Child Protection is completed and submitted to the Governing Body on an annual basis.
  • To review and monitor exclusions.
  • To consider reports on staff CPD.
  • To consider school self evaluation reports.
  • To review annually the school Admissions Policy.
  • To consider requests for admissions to the school.


Membership: Mr Rycaft, Mr Hall, TBA


  • To implement the Governing Body's Pay Policy for all staff and production of salary   statements for teachers and leadership group posts as required.
  • To review the pay of leadership group posts and other posts within the school in accordance with statutory criteria for the time being in force.
  • To review and recommend the Performance Management Policy and carry out any necessary consultation with staff.
  • To receive reports on performance management.
  • To meet with the School Improvement Partner and set Headteacher’s Performance objectives.
  • To monitor Headteacher’s performance objectives.
  • To review the salary of the Headteacher.


Membership: Mr Rycraft, Mrs Raine, TBA


  • To consider any appeals against grading from members of staff and determine whether the appeal can be upheld.


Initial/Nominating Committee:

Membership: Governors to be appointed when required.


  • To consider the overall staffing needs in the light of the school’s budget, desired staffing structure, management structure, curriculum requirements, etc.
  • To establish whether a potential redundancy situation exists.
  • To liaise and consult with unions and staff (via the Headteacher if the committee so determines) and consider any representations from staff and unions.
  • To consider any alternatives to redundancy.
  • To consider any applications for voluntary redundancy.
  • To determine the criteria which are to be used to select staff to be made redundant.
  • To set the overall timetable for redundancy.
  • To determine which employees it is proposed are to be made redundant on the basis of selection criteria set by the Initial Committee.
  • To arrange for employees selected to be notified (via the Headteacher) of this.


Membership: Governors to be appointed when required.


  • Consider any representations made by a member of staff on the proposal that he/she be made redundant.
  • Determine whether the dismissal proposal should stand or not.
  • Arrange for the employee and LA to be informed in writing to the decision and the reason for it (via the Headteacher).
  • Where required, hear cases under Capability, Grievance, Disciplinary and other employment policies/procedures.
  • To deal with, in accordance with agreed procedures, any complaints received in school.


Membership: Governors to be appointed when required.


  • Consider any appeal made by a member of staff on the proposal that he/she be made redundant.
  • To hear appeals under disciplinary, grievance, capability and other employment policies/procedures.
  • Determine whether the appeal should be upheld or not.
  • Arrange for the employee and the LA to be informed of the decision (via the Headteacher).

REGISTER OF INTERESTS (relevant business and pecuniary interests)

Miss Helen O'Brien - none declared

Mr Jon Hall - none declared 

Mrs Lisa Hall - none declared 

Mr Neil Lamb - none declared 

Mr Steven Liddell - none declared 

Mrs Rachel Raine - none declared 

Mr Mark Rycraft - none declared

Mrs Emma Lester - none declared

Miss Melissa Lancaster - none declared 

Mrs Amy Wynne - none declared 

Mr Neil C. McAvoy - none declared 


Note: there are no material interests arising from relationships between governors or relationships between governors and school staff.