We use ClassDojo as a communication tool  within school allowing us to share the fantastic work and experiences that the children are achieving during their time with us. Class Pages and School Story are regularly updated to keep our families informed. ClassDojo points are used to promote our Positive Relationships policy


As part of our Positive Relationships Policy, we use ClassDojo to award Dojo Points. 

ClassDojo points can be allocated by any member of staff; however, it is the responsibility of the class teacher to record the allocated points on each class' ClassDojo page. Individual children can gain points in the following categories:

  • Positive Behaviour and Attitude (1 point); 
  • Achievement and Progress (1 point); 
  • Clavering Family Values (2 points); 
  • Contribution Champion (1 point); 
  • Helpful Hero (1 point); 
  • Homework Hero (1 point); 
  • Marvellous Mathlete (1 point); 
  • Rampant Reader (1 point); 
  • Terrific Tables (1 point); and
  • Wonderful Writer (1 point). 

The expectation is that children aim to achieve at least ten ClassDojo points every week.

Individually, once children reach a certain number of ClassDojo points, they can "cash them in" for one of several special prizes:

  • 100 points can be traded to access the 'Best Seats in the House' at one of our 'Feel Good Friday' assemblies;
  • 150 points can be traded to access a special lunchtime sport/physical activity club or to gain two early access passes for lunch (one for the child and one for a friend);
  • 200 points can be traded to access our special 'Dojo Dip' treasure chest or to access a special lunchtime board games club.

Collectively (in terms of the house system), ClassDojo Points are totalled for each house in our Clavering Houses system with the winning house receiving our Clavering House Cup. This is celebrated in our weekly 'Feel Good Friday' assemblies and our weekly newsletter. Each term, the children in the house with the most weekly wins are rewarded with an additional playtime. At the end of each academic year, the children in the house with the most weekly wins are rewarded with a prize that is organised by the members of our School Council. This house is the overall winner of our Clavering House Cup for the academic year.

These special prizes linked to ClassDojo Points are in addition to other rewards that are outlined in our Positive Relationships Policy: