At Clavering Primary School, all children (from Reception - Year 6) are placed in a house system which enables us to have a points scheme whereby children earn ClassDojo points linked to all aspects of their personal development (including the Clavering Family Values) and their academic achievements.


Four Houses

Following consultation with our children and then a whole-school vote in December 2022, the following four new houses were introduced in January 2023:


(named after David Attenborough: the English broadcaster, biologist, natural historian, conservationist and author)


(named after Charles Dickens: the English writer)


(named after Frida Kahlo: the Mexican painter)


(named after Ada Lovelace: the English mathematician and writer, often regarded as the first computer programmer)

The four Clavering Houses are named after inspirational figures from various different aspects of life: the world of literature, STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), the humanities and the arts.

House Captains and Vice Captains

House Captains are democratically elected from Year 6 children and Vice Captains from Year 2 pupils. They are elected by their year group peers at the start of the academic year and are expected to:

  • represent their house (as required);
  • provide positive leadership to the children in their house;
  • announce their house points during our weekly 'Feel Good Friday' assembly. 

Our current House Captains and Vice Captains are:

ATTENBOROUGH HOUSE: Jack W (Captain) and Olivia L  (Vice Captain);

DICKENS HOUSE: Lily B (Captain) and Charlie MB (Vice Captain);

KAHLO HOUSE: Louisa D (Captain) and Parker A (Vice Captain);

LOVELACE HOUSE: Jake L (Captain) and Gabriella S (Vice Captain).

Awarding ClassDojo points

ClassDojo points can be allocated by any member of staff; however, it is the responsibility of the class teacher to record the allocated points on each class' ClassDojo page. Individual children can gain points in the following categories:

  • Positive Behaviour and Attitude (1 point); 
  • Achievement and Progress (1 point); 
  • Clavering Family Values (2 points); 
  • Contribution Champion (1 point); 
  • Helpful Hero (1 point); 
  • Homework Hero (1 point); 
  • Marvellous Mathlete (1 point); 
  • Rampant Reader (1 point); 
  • Terrific Tables (1 point); and
  • Wonderful Writer (1 point). 

The expectation is that children aim to achieve at least ten ClassDojo points every week.

Family members can log in to ClassDojo to see how many points their child/children is/are attaining in each of the categories:


Individually, once children reach a certain number of ClassDojo points, they can "cash them in" for one of several special prizes. These are explained on our ClassDojo webpage.

Collectively (in terms of the house system), ClassDojo Points are totalled for each house with the winning house receiving our Clavering House Cup. This is celebrated in our weekly 'Feel Good Friday' assemblies and our weekly newsletter. Each term, the children in the house with the most weekly wins are rewarded with an additional playtime. At the end of each academic year, the children in the house with the most weekly wins are rewarded with a prize that is organised by the members of our School Council. This house is the overall winner of our Clavering House Cup for the academic year.


The house system encourages a real sense of pride in achievement as well as fostering a strong belief in collaboration. It promotes community spirit, giving the children an opportunity to contribute to something positive that involves children from all year groups. Through healthy competition (in all aspects of school life), children gain the feeling of responsibility and camaraderie that comes with being part of a team whilst also aiming to become confident, successful, determined and well-rounded individuals.