'Pupils take great pride in their work. They behave exceptionally well and are respectful of others. Pupils’ movement around the school is calm and orderly, and their attitudes to learning are extremely positive.' (Ofsted)

'Pupils behave exceptionally well. Pupils respond positively to the high expectations set, by all staff, for their behaviour, which means that there are very few behaviour incidents that occur in school. Pupils exhibiting more challenging behaviours are managed sensitively and in keeping with the advice and guidance from experts.' (Ofsted)

It is a core aim of Clavering Primary School that every member of the school community feels valued and respected and that everyone is treated fairly. Our values and beliefs are built on mutual trust and respect for all. As such, our Positive Relationships Policy (rather than a Behaviour Policy) is designed to support all members of the school so we can live and work together in a supportive manner. As a school, we aim to promote an environment where everyone feels happy, safe and secure. The aim of the policy is not to reinforce rules but as a means of promoting good, positive relationships so that we can work together with the common goal of helping everyone to learn. This policy enables all staff to work towards exceptional behaviour and attitudes through defined high expectations for children’s behaviour and conduct that are commonly understood, are applied consistently and fairly, and are rights respecting.

To access our Positive Relationships Policy, please click here.

'There are many reasons why we chose Clavering for our children. One of them is that the school is highly regarded for its behaviour and for the way that Clavering pupils conduct themselves in and out of school.' (Clavering parent)

'We love coming to Clavering because the children are always so well-behaved, polite, respectful and enthusiastic for learning.' (Tees Valley Music Service)

'I always feel safe in school and I always know that there are people I can go to if I have a problem. It is good to be in a school where everyone cares for each other.' (Lower Key Stage 2 pupil)

Positive behaviour at Clavering Primary School is an expectation, but we will still reward good behaviour as we believe that it develops an ethos of kindness and co-operation. Our policy is designed to promote good behaviour as opposed to merely deterring anti-social, poor behaviour.

We praise and reward positive behaviour in the following ways:

  • Verbal congratulations to children;
  • ClassDojo points (based on agreed, set categories and points allocated);
  • Weekly Star of the Week nomination and certificate (Reception to Year 6);
  • Rights Respecting Award (nominations by children within class, recipient decided by school council);
  • Termly and annual reward for winning Clavering House;
  • Stickers placed in books or given to the child;
  • Phone call home to parent/carer from class teacher or member of the leadership team;
  • Certificate and class cushion for exemplary demonstration of a Clavering Family Value.

All of this (as well as consequences for undesirable behaviour) is set out in our Positive Relationships Policy.