Developing a lifelong love of physical activity

The range of activities provided as part of the nationally-recognised, Clavering Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity (PESSPA) Programme is so HUGE at Clavering that we have created a separate 'PESSPA' section on our school website. Please click on the relevant links to find out more!

‘There is a strong programme of competition, residential activities, and after-school clubs available to pupils.’ (Ofsted)

‘Playtimes are full of fun. There are lots of activities for pupils to participate in, should they wish to. Older pupils support younger pupils in their play by organising games.’ (Ofsted)

The Clavering PESSPA Programme ‘provides an important contribution to pupils’ mental and physical well-being. It instils in pupils the importance of staying fit and healthy and the benefits of being active. This is evidenced by the wide range of after-school clubs accessed by pupils.’ (Ofsted)


During the course of an academic year, we offer a variety of extra-curricular sports and physical clubs to our children. These typically include:

  • Upper School Multi-Sports Club;
  • Middle School Multi-Sports Club;
  • Lower School Multi-Skills Club; 
  • Futsal Club;
  • Key Stage 2 Girls Active Multi-Skills Club;
  • Key Stage 2 Gymnastics Club;
  • Key Stage 1 Gymnastics Club;
  • Physical literacy sessions;
  • Lunchtime Key Stage 1 Multi-Skills Club;
  • Lunchtime Key Stage 2 Multi-Skills Club;
  • Year 6 Dodgeball Club;
  • Year 5 Dodgeball Club;
  • Year 4 Dodgeball Club;
  • Year 3 Dodgeball Club.

In addition, all pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 can access our daily 'Get Up, Get Active' sessions every morning before school.


In preparation for the many inter-school competitions that we are involved in, we organise additional training for targeted teams. During the course of the year, we typically offer training in at least eleven sports formats:

  • Football training: Under 11 A Team, Under 11 B Team, Under 10 A Team, Under 10 B Team, Year 4 Team, KS2 Girls' Team; 
  • Rugby: Upper School Boys' A Team, Upper School Boys' B Team, Upper School  Boys' C Team, Upper School Girls' A Team, Upper School Girls' B Team, Upper School Girls' C Team;
  • Basketball: Upper School Team; 
  • Netball: Upper School A Team, Upper School B Team, Upper School C Team, Upper School D Team;
  • Tri Golf: Year 4 Team; 
  • Badminton: Year 4 Team;
  • Multi-Skills: Year 2 Team; 
  • Tennis: Year 3 Team; 
  • Skipping: Year 2 Team, Year 4 Team; 
  • Sportshall Athletics: Upper School Team, Middle School Team;
  • Track and Field Athletics: Year 6 Team, Year 5 Team, Middle School Team, Reception-Year 6 NHFoS' Team;
  • Cricket: Year 6 Team, Year 5 Team, Upper School Girls' Team.

Please speak to Mr McAvoy, Mr Stoddart or Mrs Robson for more information.


100% of Clavering pupils have the chance to participate in intra-school competitions. In terms of extra-curricular sport, we are very proud of the outstanding opportunities that we are able to provide our pupils with in terms of chances to represent the school in a variety of inter-school sports competitions and the success that we have enjoyed in Cluster, Town and Tees Valley Competitions.

Staff members work incredibly hard to try and provide opportunities for every pupil to 'pull on the shirt' and represent Clavering in ability-appropriate inter-school sport competitions and festivals. Since the launch of the Clavering PESSPA Programme, at least 90% of pupils have represented the school before leaving us and, since the 2016-2017 academic year, we have hit 100%. Typically, well over two hundred pupils represent us every year in a rich variety of sports contexts and we are, without doubt, one of the most successful schools in Hartlepool in terms of performance and, even more importantly, participation numbers.