We expect all pupils to abide by the school’s policy on school uniform and personal appearance and we greatly appreciate parents' and carers' support in ensuring that every Clavering child is appropriately dressed for school.


We consider that uniform is important for several reasons:

  • it provides pupils with a sense of identity and pride in their school;
  • it enhances the appearance of pupils and therefore the reputation of the school;
  • it makes the children easily recognisable from a safeguarding point of view when on trips and residentials;
  • it helps to keep pupils from bickering over individual fashion and helps to eliminate social stereotyping based on fashion;
  • it helps to instil in pupils a sense of purpose when they put on their uniform in the mornings;
  • it helps to keep the school atmosphere studious and focused on learning;
  • it overcomes the problem for both parents and teachers of what is or is not suitable for school;
  • it tends to be a more inexpensive way for parents to dress their children for school.


Jade green polo shirt,

Jade green sweatshirt.

These can be personalised with our school logo or a plain version can be purchased.

Plain grey or black trousers, shorts or skirt.

Our personalised uniform can be purchased direct from Elizabeth's embroidery Clavering – Elizabeths Schoolwear

In terms of footwear, children are expected to wear black shoes or black trainers. Shoes must be appropriate to the demands of the various activities carried out at school. For example, children should not wear espadrilles of any kind.

During hot weather, we request that sun lotion is applied to children before leaving home. We also recommend that shoulders are covered and that children bring a sun hat and a water bottle to school.

We would be grateful if clothing is marked with your child's name. This greatly helps returning misplaced articles of clothing to their rightful owner.


Following consultation with families, children will wear their P.E. kit on days. Our P.E. kit is

  • Indoor PE kit: black shorts, white t-shirt or jade green polo shirt, trainers.
  • Outdoor PE kit: black tracksuit bottoms or black jogging bottoms; black long-sleeved tracksuit top, jumper or hoodie; white t-shirt and trainers. These trainers must be different to what the child wears as his/her school shoes. Dunks, Hi-tops and any form of espadrille are not suitable for PE.

We have a number of fantastic team kits and sport t-shirts which children are allowed to wear when representing the school in inter-school sport competitions.


Rules regarding personal appearance are as follows:

  • no jewellery should be worn at school (including on school trips and residentials) other than a watch and/or fitness tracker and/or charity wristbands/sweatbands sold by the school during the period in which they are sold (e.g. 'Help for Heroes' wristbands and 'Sport Relief' sweatbands);
  • no make-up (including nail varnish) should be worn;
  • hairstyles should be practical – hair styles shaved in bands, stripes, initials or dyed in unnatural colours are unacceptable.
  • If your child is due to get his/her ears pierced over the summer holidays, please arrange for this to happen at the beginning of the holidays.