Hartlepool Families First exists to improve the quality of health and life for children, young people and their families through a range of social, welfare and educational measures. 
The organisation's objectives, as stated in their constitution, are: "Provision of therapeutic, educational and stimulating toys and equipment, the preservation and protection of health and the relief of distress within family relationships, in particular but not exclusively by the provision of a support and advice service and the promotion of good parenting practice and skills."
Hartlepool Families First is involved in all sorts of activities, including:
Contact details:
Hartlepool Families First, 6-7 Belle Business Park, Greatham Street, Hartlepool TS25 1PU
Telephone: 01429 867 016

Fax: 01429 818 463

Website: http://www.hartlepoolfamiliesfirst.org.uk/ 

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