Telephone: 0300 013 20000 - OPTION 4

Address: Dover House, 1-5 Lynn Street, Hartlepool, TS24 7JZ


Hartlepool child and adolescent mental health service (CAMHS) provides assessment and appropriate treatment or intervention for children and young people up to their eighteenth birthday who are experiencing mental health problems, with the aim of positive mental health promotion.

The team has three main functions:

1. assessment and treatment of children and young people up to 18 years old with mental health disorders;

2. advice, support and consultation for family, carers and workers from health, social services, educational and voluntary agencies;

3. promotion of positive mental health in children and young people.

Treatments/interventions offered are evidence based and vary from individual, group and family approaches.


Treatments and therapies available

Help can be offered through a variety of talking and activity based therapies: individual therapy; family therapy; advice and support for parents/carers; medication; and group therapy.


The Hartlepool CAMHS team

The Hartlepool multi-disciplinary CAMHS team, includes: consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist; clinical psychologist; assistant psychologist; community nurses; primary mental health workers; family therapist; clinical nurse specialist; team manager and administrative team.


How to access the service

Access to the CAMHS service:

  • open referral system: CAMHS takes queries/referrals from young people, parents and carers (self-referral) and professionals);
  • if professionals refer, then this must be done with the appropriate consent from the young person, parents or carers.
  • waiting times: please note that there is no differences in the time someone has to wait to be seen if they self-refer or if a GP refers; the only difference is dependent on clinical need.

There is currently one phone number for access across the Tees Valley with different options for the different areas:

  • Option 1: training
  • Option 2: Middlesbrough
  • Option 3: Recar
  • Option 4: Hartlepool
  • Option 5: Stockton-on-Tees
  • Option 6: CAMHS crisis and liaison team
  • Option 7: Specialist eating disorders service (Teesside)