Clavering Primary School



Developing a lifelong love of physical activity

Did you know that our inter-school competitive sport provision (as part of the Clavering Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity Programme) has been used as an example of outstanding practice by the Youth Sport Trust?


We are proud of the outstanding opportunities that we are able to provide our pupils with in terms of chances to represent the school in a variety of inter-school sports competitions and the success that we have enjoyed in Cluster, Town and Tees Valley Competitions.

Staff members work incredibly hard to try and provide opportunities for every pupil to 'pull on the shirt' and represent Clavering in ability-appropriate inter-school sport competitions and festivals. Since the launch of the Clavering PESSPA Programme, at least 90% of pupils have represented the school before leaving us and, since the 2016-2017 academic year, we have hit 100%. Typically, well over two hundred pupils represent us every year in a rich variety of sports contexts and we are, without doubt, one of the most successful schools in Hartlepool in terms of performance and, even more importantly, participation numbers.

In a typical year, we expect to compete in around twenty different sports contexts: 


  • Year 4 Mixed (HSFA League, MFC Cup)
  • Year 5 Mixed (HSFA League, HSFA B-C Team Festivals)
  • Year 6 Mixed (HSFA League, HSFA Cup, HSFA B-C Team Festivals, Champions League, HUCSF Cup, HUCSF Half-Time Penalty Competition)
  • Girls' Football (HSFA League, HSFA Cup, HUCSF Cup)
  • Upper School Futsal


  • Upper School Tag Rugby (Boys' A Team Competitions, Boys' B-C Team Festival, Girls' A Team Competitions, Girls' B-C Team Festival)
  • Year 6 Basketball (A Team Competition)
  • Year 5 Basketball (A Team Competitions)
  • Upper School Netball (A Team Competitions, B-C Team Festival)


  • Cross Country Running (Years 3-4 Competitions, Year 5 Competitions and Year 6 Competitions)
  • Sportshall Athletics (Years 3-4 Competitions and Years 5-6 Competitions)
  • QuadKids Athletics (Years 3-4 Competitions)
  • Track and Field Athletics (Year 5 Competitions and Year 6 Competitions)
  • Summer Athletics (Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 Competition)


  • Kwik Cricket (Year 5 Competitions, Year 5 B-C Festival, Year 6 Competitions, Upper School Girls' Competitions)
  • Swimming (Year 5 Competitions, Year 6 Competitions)
  • Badminton (Year 4 Competitions)
  • Tri Golf (Year 4 Competitions, Year 6 Festival)
  • Tennis (Year 3 Competitions)
  • Skipping (Year 2 Competitions, Year 4 Competitions)
  • Multi Skills (Year 2 Festival, Year 3 Festival, Year 4 Festival, Year 6 Festival)

If any other opportunities arise, it is highly likely that we will sign up for them!


In addition, outstanding performances at Town-Finals-level have led to Clavering sports stars representing Hartlepool at Tees Valley Finals in TWENTY-FIVE different sports formats (many on several occasions):

Under 9 Mixed Football, Upper School Boys' Football, Upper School Girls' Football,

Upper School Futsal, Under 11 Basketball, Under 10 Basketball,

Under 11 Mixed Tag Rugby, Under 11 Boys' Tag Rugby, Under 11 Girls' Tag Rugby,

Year 5 Athletics, Year 6 Athletics, Years 5-6 Sportshall Athletics,

Year 5 Cross Country Running, Year 6 Cross Country Running,

Years 3-4 Cross Country Running, Years 3-4 QuadKids Athletics,

Year 5 Mixed Kwik Cricket, Years 5-6 Girls' Kwik Cricket, Years 5-6 Tri Golf, Year 4 Tri Golf,

Years 5-6 Table Tennis, Year 3 Tennis, Year 4 Badminton,

Year 5 Orienteering and Year 6 Dodgeball.