Clavering Primary School



Developing a lifelong love of physical activity

Did you know that our Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity (PESSPA) Programme gives lots of pupils the opportunity to develop their leadership in PE lessons, as 'Get Up, Get Active' leaders, in intra- and inter-school competitions, as team captains, during residentials and other activities out in 'the wild', and through our PESSPA Leadership Academy for our PESSPA Leaders and Girls Active leaders?

‘The highly effective PE curriculum provides an important contribution to pupils’ mental and physical well-being. It instils in pupils the importance of staying fit and healthy and the benefits of being active. This is evidenced by the wide range of after-school clubs accessed by pupils.’ (Ofsted) 

‘Playtimes are full of fun. There are lots of activities for pupils to participate in, should they wish to. Older pupils support younger pupils in their play by organising games.’ (Ofsted)


In line with our role as Youth Sport Trust Ambassador School, we believe that every pupil – at an appropriate age and ability level – should be supported through PE, school sport and play to develop their personal leadership capabilities. Through a range of leadership experiences, our pupils acquire skills and learn behaviours which not only develop them as individuals but as drivers of change for others.

Through the provision of leadership training and deployment opportunities (provided in PE lessons, through our Clavering PESSPA Leadership Academy and during YST Girls Active Training) our pupils can develop as:

  • individuals - gaining new skills and tangible experience to help prepare them for their next stage of development; and
  • drivers of change for others - having a positive impact on participation rates and driving social change through sport.

Have you met our Clavering PESSPA Leaders who contribute to our ‘Get Up, Get Active’ sessions, playtime and lunchtime activities, and after-school clubs?

Having successfully applied for the role and then graduated from our Clavering PESSPA Leadership Academy, twenty-one Upper School pupils are currently volunteering as Clavering PESSPA Leaders, making a fantastic contribution to our extra-curricular clubs, sessions and opportunities.

Many thanks to all our PESSPA Leaders for their energy, enthusiasm, commitment and time: Lily A, Izzy A, Lewis C, Sophie C, Archie H, Layton H, Christopher H, Nicole H, Ellis H, Lennon H, Kaitlyn J, Samuel K, Cadi M, Leila M, William M, Ava N, Thomas R, Harry S, Jacob W, Harriet Wa and Harriet Wi.


Throughout their history, the Youth Sport Trust has sought to find ways to ensure that PE, school sport and physical activity are relevant and motivating for girls. We are delighted to be an official Girls Active School and are incredibly proud of the work of our Girls Active Leaders in improving and developing PESSPA opportunities and the wider benefits of physical activity for our girls throughout the school.

At the heart of our Girls Active work, are the six key principles that research has shown underpin effective practice in engaging girls in PE, school sport and physical activity: take a long-term approach to engaging girls; put developing self-confidence at the heart of PE; make PE and sport relevant to girls' lives; recognise the power of friends to drive progress; develop role models for the future; and empower girls to design and deliver PE and sport.

Have you met our Girls Active Leaders who help to develop all aspects of our PESSPA Programme for our female pupils?

Having successfully applied for the role and then benefitted from additional leadership training, twelve Upper School pupils are currently volunteering as Clavering Girls Active Leaders, making a brilliant contribution to our extra-curricular clubs, sessions and opportunities for our female pupils.

Many thanks to all our Girls Active Leaders for their energy, enthusiasm, commitment and time: Millie B, Imogen Bur, Olivia G, Ruby J, Holly R, Milly R, Imogen Bun, Isabella Bun, Summer-Joy S, Bella C, Ella M and Amritha P.